Infrastructure for

MANTRA's infrastructure provides a foundation for institutions to develop a wide range of industry-standard applications. It is engineered with an emphasis on accessibility, scalability, security, and adherence to regulatory standards.


KYC/AML Compliant
Walled Garden

Assurance that all network participants have been properly vetted according to regulations.

Reduced Costs for

Access to pre-screened DIDs prevents the need for repetitive and costly onboarding processes.

Access to Global

Expand operations compliantly onchain while enhancing trust, auditability, and data sharing abilities.

Passportable DID

Clients only needing to complete KYC once to access multiple projects improves the user experience and reduces barriers to doing further business.

Low Fees

Settle transactions on MANTRA’s network at low fees.

Trusted by

MANTRA offers enhanced security trusted by Institutions worldwide.

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