MANTRA for Builders

Regulatory Compliant
Infrastructure for

The leading RWA Layer 1 Blockchain, capable of adherence and enforcement of real world regulatory requirements.

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Built for Developers

A Regulatory and Compliance-Ready World
Above and Beyond Cosmos

Plug and Play
Compliant Solutions

Build and operate in a regulatory compliant and transparent environment with MANTRA Chain modular tech stack.


Access to cross-chain interoperability through Cosmos Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol (IBC)


Enables developers to build secure and robust dApps with ease


Leverage MTS SDK to easily and compliantly create, issue, and manage tokenized assets on-chain

Explore the world of use cases that can be built atop of MANTRA Chain and complement the utility of the network

Introducing the
MANTRA Chain Architecture

Multiple layers with its own counterparts and functioning combined that made our unique infrastructure possible.

stack of layers

Application Layer

While MANTRA Chain’s modular tech stack ensures regulatory adherence and transparency for developers, the application layer allows developers to seamlessly integrate compliant solutions into their projects.



For Developers

For Institutions

collection of white diamond nodes

Module Layer

MANTRA Chain introduces a comprehensive suite of modules designed to redefine the landscape of developers and institutions building in the cosmos ecosystem. The module layer encapsulates all of these that address the critical needs of the blockchain ecosystem, including compliance, token service, assets and guard modules.

Guard Module

Token Service Module

Asset Module

Compliance Module

node with light shining out of it

Execution Layer

The execution layer is the backbone of MANTRA Chain, combining Cosmos SDK, CosmWasm, P2P networking, and consensus mechanisms. It is one of the key layers in MANTRA Chain where the actual computation and application logic take place.


Cosmos SDK

P2P Networking


nodes in a circle

Interoperability Layer

The interoperability layer of MANTRA Chain operates on IBC Protocol. This layer ensures that the regulatory and compliance modules as well as all the other features introduced in the Cosmos ecosystem by MANTRA do not stay limited to the chain itself but also expand to the whole Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol ecosystem.

IBC Protocol

diamond nodes

Staking Layer

The staking layer plays a crucial role in the network as it helps in securing the network, incentivising active participation, and ensuring a decentralized and efficient governance model for the entire network.

Validator Nodes

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